Ramses and Giza

Ramses and Giza.   Times are tough, and stories abound of people losing their ability to provide a home for their pets.  Last year, this situation touched us, in the form of two purebred Egyptian Maus that we took in from someone who could not care for them any more.  Both of them have now been adopted and are doing well.  

Big.  Very, very, big!  In fact, Ramses is the biggest Mau we've ever seen, by a good margin, and every ounce of him is regal, friendly, and affectionate.  Ramses is a real class act and a very effective anchor for the bedclothes and anyone under them.  Ramses was adopted by a family friend and is now living a life of international intrigue.  

Giza is a beautiful bronze female.  She comes from excellent lines and is a healthy, friendly girl with a ready purr and strong desire for attention.  However, she had some special needs as her previous owner did not handle her since kittenhood, resulting in her having a lot of discomfort with being picked up.  Giza has been placed with a wonderful couple willing to gradually and patiently gain her trust and help her overcome this neglect.  She is good friends with their other Mau and made great progress even within the first few months, boding very well for her long-term adjustment.  Thanks to her adopters for coming through in a big way for this girl who needed just the right people, and was lucky enough to find them!