3/13 & 3/23/2010 Kittens

On 3/13, Papyrus gave birth to five kittens (four boys and one girl).  10 days later, Sleepy gave birth to two kittens, both girls.  Her litter was so small because she was only bred once, by Rowan, who was only seven months old himself at the time, so we really didn't expect her to be pregnant at all!  Her two kittens and the five older ones are being raised by both mothers as one big litter, and all are doing well.  The little ones are gaining weight and getting plenty of milk. 
Update 6-26-2010.  Of the 7 kittens, five are still with us and two have gone to new homes.  All are thriving!  Over the last weeks, their personalities have really been coming out.  They shadow our every step around the house, appear in laps whenever we sit down, and every day they pick out a new room to congregate and sleep in.  Late in the evening and early in the morning, they rise from their beauty sleep and transform into thundering herd of kittens.  Nothing in the house is safe!