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We specialize in Bronze Egyptian Maus.  
Above - Grand Champion Sleepy Sanura

Above is a 3-year old bronze boy, Nico, whose family loves him dearly but who nevertheless needs a new home.  Below is another picture showing his face better.  He has beautiful color, contrast, and big bold spots. We can send you more pictures.  


Below - our well-mannered, in-house tomcat, Grand Champion Raman Rowan of Maunarch (co-owned with Dee Keenan of Ramah Maus). 

Watch how Lachlan plays with Sleepy! 

Lachlan lures Egyptian Mau Sleepy

"Anche il più piccolo dei felini, il gatto, è un capolavoro. "
("Even the least of the felines, the cat, is a masterwork.") 
"People that hate cats, will come back as mice in their next life." - Faith Resnick
"If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat." - Mark Twain
Latest News -  updated 8/5/2013.  Papyrus had her last litter in late November 2012, giving birth to one female kitten.  Sleepy had three male kittens in early December, and both mothers happily settled in with their merged litter of four and gave us a wonderful Christmas holiday filled with kitten antics.  

We spayed Papyrus in February as she was at the end of her reproductive years, so this is her last kitten.  We are also planning to spay Sleepy and wind up our breeding program, although Rowan may remain intact and available for appropriate assignations.  It has been a wonderful, rewarding, amazing experience raising Mau kittens, but other life priorities call and we think it is time to close this chapter.  
Meanwhile, we have heard from one family in Toronto whose 3-year old male Nico (pictured at right) needs a new, loving home due to health issues in his current family.  He is a playful and very affectionate neutered bronze and they are heartbroken to have to give him up.  He will be free to right family, so please get in touch with me if you are interested, especially if you are within driving distance of Toronto.  

If you want to see a video of Sleepy helping birth a previous litter, look here: 
Ramses and Giza - two adult rescues - have been adopted!  
Other news: Crystal the Bobcat has been released!  
While bike commuting home from work this spring, Daniel saw something moving beside a trail in the Crystal Springs Reservoir area. It proved to be a very weak but un-injured orphaned bobcat kitten. Getting it home on the bike was a challenge, but paled beside the question of "what next?"  

Fortunately, help was close at hand, in the form of an organization called Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center (WERC) near Gilroy, CA. They are THE experts on raising orphaned bobcats so they are not habituated to humans and are able to learn how to hunt and be released into the wild when they are ready. These people are serious. They even have a pee-scented bobcat suit, to disguise the foster mom and avoid habituating kittens to humans!  

Crystal grew up into a beautiful, healthy, and appropriately feisty bobcat. She was released on November 12 within a mile or two of where she was found, safely esconced in the Crystal Springs wildlife refuge in great habitat with abundant prey. All in all this was a pretty neat experience!